S6302 Bread Knife and S6303 Cheese Knife

S6302 – silver bread knife & S6303 silver cheese knife, Ndoro pattern

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Each attractive and useful silver knife has a durable Sheffield stainless steel blade and the Ndoro pattern handle.


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Product Description

The silver knife handles are inspired by the Ndoro which has an interesting history in Southern Africa and has played a key role in the trade, mythology and design of the region.

  • There are a number of opinions regarding the origin of the spiral Ndoro design, however, there are two prominent explanations:
    Shell disks obtained from marine mollusks were considered currency and
    traded in portions of Southern Africa. Their usage predates the arrival of
    Portuguese in the 15th century. Men, women, young and old, all considered
    these articles prize possessions. They were traded for gold, ivory, fabric, guns,
    gunpowder, etc.
  • Another suggestion is that the Ndoro design refers to ripples on a pool made after a stone is thrown into it. The Shona people in Zimbabwe believe that they can contact their ancestors in pools therefore providing a link with the ancestral realm.

Chiefs, headmen and great hunters are known to have worn Ndoros. They signified wealth, rank and authoritative power. Depending on where you were, the shell disks might be called Ndoro, Mpande, Monne, Omba and Imba.*

Contemporary Zimbabweans believe that the Ndoro signifies inner, or spiritual peace.

This exclusive ‘Ndoro’ design, Royal Africa Silverware cutlery incorporates silver handles that are hand carved by skilled craftsmen in Southern Africa and complimented by the highest quality Sheffield stainless steel blades.


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