The Awesome Properties of Antibacterial Copper & Silver

Bacteria have a weakness: copper and silver!

This precious metal has been used to fight infection for thousands of years. As far back as in the days of Hippocrates, he described its antimicrobial properties in 400 BC — but how it actually works has, until recently, been a mystery.

So how does it work?

Both Copper and Silver attack bacterial cells in two main ways: they make the cell membrane more permeable, and interfere with the cell’s metabolism, leading to the overproduction of reactive, and often toxic, oxygen compounds.

By harnessing this mechanism, it could make current antibiotics more effective against resistant bacteria.

Stainless steel does not offer the added value of silver and copper in our fight against bacteria and virus’. And not only antimicrobial benefits, the distinguished look of these products is ageless.

More recently in South Africa two medical practices have installed copper tables in their surgeries.

Antimicrobial Copper table

Dr Anton Scheepers, Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgeon, Alberton, Johannesburg says of his installation:

“Learning that sepsis is the main cause of dental implant failure and a fair number of complications encountered, especially in a surgical/ implant orientated dental practice, convinced me that the installation of copper touch surfaces would be beneficial to add to the already high level of aseptic and sterility protocol in my practice.

“We recently had strategically installed copper work surfaces and instrument trays, and are thrilled with these antimicrobial surfaces, which are also very aesthetically pleasing – an added bonus. I have recommended the benefits of antimicrobial copper to my brother-in-law, who is a veterinarian in Tshwane, as well as to inquisitive fellow colleagues at the hospital.”

The second installation being Dr Sampie Ras, Veterinarian of Ras SJ and Scheepers Veterinary Practice, Phalaborwa:
“We installed an antimicrobial copper table in our surgery, which gives us great comfort as it has the ability to significantly reduce bacteria. It is that ‘one step further’ than just using disinfectants to ensure the health of the animals we treat, especially as the table is used for both operations and standard vaccinations.

“Some of the surgeries we perform at the clinic take more than an hour, so it is of added value that the antibacterial action of antimicrobial copper continuously disinfects the area under the patient. This is something that was not previously possible.

“In addition, our clinic now has copper covered many other touch surfaces, such as all light switches, the vaccine fridge door handle, the disinfectant bottles, the operation light handles and operation table handles. All of this adds to the protection of our animals.”

“Resistance is growing, while the number of new antibiotics in development, is dropping,” says a researcher.

And, so following the tradition started by Hippocrates in 400 BC where silver containers were used for storing water and wine, Windsor silverwares has been manufacturing silver and copper products for more than 65 years in Southern Africa, and Africa Impulse Marketing take pride in marketing these products.

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