Women’s Gift Ideas

All of our silver plated products have a minimum plating thickness of 26 microns which make them ideal for engraving, in order to personalise the gift and capture  significant milestones in our lives.

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silver cruet set hippo

S6033 silver cruet set – hippo

This unique silver cruet set features hippos that 'sneezes' salt out of one nostril and pepper out…
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silver & teak napkin holder dung beetle

S6413 teak & silver napkin holder – dung beetle

This extremely useful and novel silver & teak napkin holder features the tenacious African Dung Beetle.  …
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S1540 maharani 4 piece silver tes set

S1540 Maharani 4 piece silver tea set

With an exotic design the S1540 Maharani tea set will look fabulous on your tea table. …
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S4135 & S4136 silver buiscuit barrel

S4135 (S) & S4136 (L) silver biscuit barrel

Either the S4135 (S) or S4136 (L) silver biscuit barrel would make a wonderful addition to…
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S9062 & S9063 dung beetle silver oil lamp

S9062 (with glass) & S9063 – dung beetle oil lamp, silver

The S9062 (with glass) & S9063 dung beetle oil lamp features the industrious and often entertaining, African Dung…
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S9061 The Resident silver oil lamp

S9061 – The Resident oval oil lamp, silver

The S9061 is a useful and extremely versatile oil lamp. It is equally at home…
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