Knitted Animals

Gogo Olive KNITS recognises the sense of purpose and worth that having employment brings. The most needy women are identified and Gogo Olive now empowers over 60 knitters around Zimbabwe.  Each product is completely handmade and unique and comes with its own swing tag to tell you their individual name and who they were knitted by.


Note: This is not a toy

Shamwari – is the Shona word for friend

Gogo – is the Shona word for Grandmother, but she doesn’t need to actually be related to you, any mature woman can be your Gogo!

Gogo Olive 2013 – is a Registered Charity in Zimbabwe SC041281

Swing tag with the name
and picture of the knitter


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Mbizi the Zebra

Mbizi, Gogo Olive knitted animal

The name of this knitted animal, Mbizi, means zebra in the Zimbabwean Shona language.
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Gogo Olive Pangolin

Pangolin, Gogo Olive knitted animal

This knitted shamwari (friend) pays homage to the timid and severely endangered African Pangolin.
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